Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been having a bit of an internal tug of war lately.

I've been feeling a bit guilty about the amount of time I spend writing this blog about my family (and reading other blogs) versus the time I spend, you know... spending time with my family.

I purposefully took a little break from both (a little cold turkey), and found that once the cycle was broken, I didn't feel the need to keep up with all the blog reading I had set up for myself. I had a bit of withdrawal, but I think I am able to go back now, and pick and choose from among the few dozen blogs I liked to peruse and pare down my list to a choice few.

I also learned to forgive myself for not blogging every single week. Or twice a week, for that matter, as I had been trying to do. In my internet wanderings I once found a badge you could put on your blog that said "Guilt Free Blog" showing your determination to not allow your blog to take over your life; not to feel bad if you don't constantly blog. I never put that badge up but I think I can live by that principle and write when it gives me pleasure or I feel so inspired.

I know it dismays the Grandmas when there is a big lag between grandchildren reports. And I know some folks who pop in daily to see if I've written a new post might wander away with boredom if I have long lags (I hope you folks will discover feed readers instead!). On the other hand, it pleases the hubby to have me hang out and watch a movie with him instead of using free evening time to write and photoshop. And perhaps adding other activities into my life might be beneficial. Yoga has piqued my interest lately.

On the other other hand, I have about a thousand photos waiting to be imported, culled and filed. Which actually gives me pleasure when I sit down and do it.

So, I have been thinking a lot about, and trying to achieve, some balance.

Anyway... I haven't abandoned you! I will come in, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes every 20 days... but I will keep on posting. I just won't let this blog, which has given me a lot of pleasure, become a tedious job.

So, there.

(grin... wink!)

And on that note, I leave you with the easiest of blog material ever... (which maybe I should use more often since it is so full of grandma-pleasing-goodness) VIDEO! Video of me just sitting down with my kids and seeing what they do. Nothing hysterical... just day in the life.

Okay, Mom. Feelin' better now? ;^P


Snowbird said...

Yup,I feel a WHOLE lot better now!! Thank you. Keep em coming. You don't have to write anything--just keep posting pics and videos and I'll be happy. I loved hearing Noah in the background yelling Mooooommmm.

BTW, I do have a feed reader but your blog doesn't register on there. So, I have to check daily. Sorry.

jenwigs said...

OMG, who are those grown up boys? They are getting so big. I agree with the picture and video comment, even though I do really enjoy your writing!

Snowbird said...

I had to come back and watch my babies again. I just noticed your new table and chairs too. Nice.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Yeah, when I get the art up, I am gonna do a before/after of my dining room makeover. I love my new table.

Lisel said...

I am totally agreeing with your decision with your struggle for balance. I recently deleted all my "favorites" because I felt like I was spending so much time catching up (anonymously) with strangers that I didn't have time to catch up with people I actually know and admire.

I also haven't posted in weeks. I think it's good to take breaks and not feel obligated. the real job is the parenting, not the documenting of the parenting ( I keep telling myself).

Anyway, no need to apologize! I for one am completely on your side!