Monday, October 5, 2009

A Scouting We Will Go!

We had been looking for quite a while for some sort of activity that Noah would really enjoy doing. He was adamant about not playing sports. Even though he seemed early on to have an ear for music, that interest seems to have dwindled. When I tried to sign him up for karate, he freaked out because he thought I wanted to take him to a place so kids could kick him and karate chop him, and he had to defend himself from that.


Finally, a flyer for Cub Scouts came home with him from school and I thought that might be JUST the thing. We wanted him to learn more about respect, working together, service to others, pride, and build up his self esteem a little bit.

I took him to one meeting and he just LOVED it.


And immediately after that, we had an opportunity for one of us to spend a weekend at Camp Mataguay with him for lots of cub scout fun! So I stayed home with the twins, and Michael took Noah to camp for two nights this weekend.

They got to go fishing ("We caught a bunch of WEEDS!") and hiking. Noah was able to learn how to do archery and shoot BB guns, he threw a vase on a pottery wheel for me, they went canoeing watched skits, and Noah spent a lot of much needed quality time with his Dad.

Next time... I wanna go!

Michael took some videos and photos while there, so I thought I would share those.

This is my boy doing archery.

This is my boy getting a bullseye, baby!!