Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Noah: Mom, I have a joke for you! I just made it up!

Mama: Okay, go!

Noah: Okay. You know Mr. Krabs on Spongebob Squarepants?

Mama: Yeah...?

Noah: Okay! You know how he likes sex?

Mama: Um... uh... I'm sorry, WHAT??

Noah: Mr Krabs!

Mama: WHAT about Mr Krabs?

Noah: You know how he likes CENTS?

Mama: OH!!! Cents! Like money?

Noah: YEAH! Cents!

Mama: (wondering if its time to get a new hearing aid) OH! Yeah! Okay...

Noah: Well, that means he's really SENSITIVE!! Get it? CENTS-itive??? Get it? Get it?

Mama: (sigh) yeah, baby. That's great! Good joke, Sweetie. (wipes sweat from brow.)


Noah: Mama? You are the bestest, most loving, sweetest Mom in the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!

Mama: I am??

Noah: Yeah. I love you.

Mama: But, what about when I am all cranky and mean, sometimes?

Noah: Umm... Well, I guess, then you are just the bestest, sweetest Mom in the whole world. But not the whole universe!

What cracked my husband up while on the phone with me today:
"NO, Noah! You are NOT allowed to pee in the waste basket!"
Noah: Mama, when is Hanukkah?

Mama: It's between your birthday and Christmas, in about 3 months, Sweetie, why?

Noah: You know what's the best thing about Hanukkah?

Mama: What?

Noah: It's all the guilt you get!

Mama: The what?

Noah: The GUILT! I love guilt.

Mama: You mean the GELT??

Noah: Yeah. Whatever. Hannukah guilt is awesome.


Snowbird said...

That kid may give you a lot of grief and worry but he also brings you a lot of joy and laughs. Thanks for the morning giggles.

Mare said...

I love it...what a funny little guy you have there! =)

gail said...

I'm so glad you are writing these things down. The sweet things kids say when they are small get more precious as they grow older!

Pixiewe aka Nicole said...

Hhahahahah! ROTFL! You had my in stitches at my desk!