Friday, November 14, 2008

The Difference Between Our Twins

...based on a description by my husband:

So, Michael goes to give the twins some candy from their Halloween pumpkin bucket. Swedish Fish. Kind of like Gummi Bears, but fish. Four for Ethan and four for Luka.

Ethan says... "Ooooh! Fish! Four fish! Red!"

He lines them up in a perfect row like little soldiers before the firing squad and picks up the first victim between a finger and a thumb and puts half in his mouth and slides it back out again, examining it.

"Mmmm! Yummy! Oooh, shiney! And RED!"

When Michael lays the four red Swedish Fish on the table in front of Luka, Luka scoops all four up and shoves them all in his mouth at the same time and begins to chew. With open mouth full of fish jelly, and red slime oozing down his chin he forces out the barely discernible words, "More Fish!???"

Daddy tells him to finish what he is eating.

He works his way through the mouthful of sticky red fish goo and swallows it all down whole. He then looks over at Ethan who is half way through his first fish (admiring it in all its wet, shiny, red splendor) and he spies the little row of three remaining fish. He scoops them up and stuffs them in his mouth.

Ethan commences with the "injustice cry" which we all know and love so well.

That's our boys. In a nutshell.


Snowbird said...

Thanks for the giggle. Knowing Luka as I do, I could see what was coming even before you said it. I hope you gave Ethan some more fish!!! Not his fault his brother is a little piggy.

gail said...

I can picture exactly the difference you are talking about. The contemplative and the mover/shaker, the professor and the CEO. Great balance in adulthood, but not an easy combination for toddler-time!

Snowbird said...

Probably more like the doctor and the football player. Ethan can treat Luka's football injuries.

Rachel Schell said...

I love the descriptions! I have always been interested in how different multiples can be. it really shows how kids just come out with certain personalities. and here I was blaming myself for the fact that my daughter is so shy. she probably would have been no matter what I did. :)