Monday, November 3, 2008

On the Fence the Night Before the Election

I stopped by a friend's house with Noah today. She and I get along really well despite our political differences. She has been planning to vote "Yes on Proposition 8" mostly based on her religious beliefs.

For those not in the know, Prop 8 here in California will add to the California Constitution a phrase saying that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. California allowed gay couples to marry as of a few months ago. Now that newly won right may be taken away.

Well, when I walked in, my friend was talking to another friend about how she has been wavering and wondering if she should vote No instead. She suggested that Jesus was a pretty tolerant guy, and maybe she should be, too. And since this is expected to be the big issue here in California, I felt compelled to fight for one more "no" vote. I asked her how life has been since gay marriage has been allowed. Has her world been rocked? Are her children worse off? Has morality gone off its hinges? No?

She agreed I made a good argument and said she was torn and would pray about it tonight.

Then we walked into the living room so I could tell Noah it was time to go, and we found my son playing a Princess Dress Up board game with her son, and we nearly fell down laughing, she being the one who pointed out the irony to me.

Then there were sudden screams of "Help! HELP!!" coming from her backyard, and we bolted back there to find her young daughter was climbing the fence and got her shirt stuck on the gate lock and was practically hanging from it.

My friend said, "Oh, Sweetie, you're ON THE FENCE!!"

And then we busted up laughing again.

And then we stopped laughing and helped her down from the fence. Because it was the right thing to do.


JeSais said...

great story....

Karin Zirk said...

Way to go girl. One vote is all it takes to preserve equal rights.