Thursday, October 30, 2008

PHOTO ESSAY: That Time of Year Again

This time last year, we had the van packed up with everything that truly mattered to us, on the edge of the evacuation zone, waiting for the call telling us we were next to escape the wildfires. We had gone to the pumpkin patch that morning, and dealt with the crazy winds that(unknown to us and to the owners) were about to blow a wildfire down into the valley and burn down the patch, and the adjacent Christmas Tree farm not four hours later!

This year, we had been told about this really great pumpkin patch out in the country, inland from us. It was called Oma's Pumpkin Patch, and it was so homespun, I felt like I was back in Ohio.

They had wagons all over the place for carting pumpkins and small people. Papa Gus was glad to oblige!

There was a sledding mountain inside a feed barn made out of cotton seeds. It was soft but not as slick as one would like. Still great fun to climb around on!

The kids loved the petting zoo, and Luka LOVED the "lambies" as he is wont to do. (For those not in the know, his "lovey" toy is a lamb named Lambie that he has to keep with him at nearly all times.

They hay bale maze looked so fun, I had to duck inside and join them.

Noah honed his skills at bowling with basketballs and calf milking bottles. We got to see a calf on wobbly legs that had been born just a few hours earlier.

They had all kinds of games of skill, including roping fake cows, tossing games, throw things through the hole games, a big hill of sand and a hundred toy dump trucks, all kinds of farm equipment you could climb up on and inside of, play grounds, hay rides, and nearly anything else you could imagine!

Daddy and Luka tried out the four wheeler. Luka has taken to giving two thumbs up and saying, "Awesome!" lately.

There was a long tunnel made of tractor tires. Ethan enjoyed hanging out in there.

Noah joined him and kicked up the dust.
It was nice spending a little holiday time with Mima and Papa!


gail said...

I want to go, too! What a cool place -- love your photos, and the one of Luca and Lambie is really precious.

MariBy said...

Oh what a beautiful photo essay! Great job and your children are so precious! That was wonderful, simply wonderful! :D

Mare said...

I love the photo with the kiddos inside the tunnel of tractor tires. Just beautiful.

What a wonderful day! =)

Anonymous said...

Just took a spin back to last year's post. Still shocks me to see how much they have changed since last October.

Emily said...

i love these pictures - don't think i had realized before now how much noah looks like his daddy!

Snowbird said...

I'm with Shamalamadada--man they have grown. No more backpacking them huh? It looks like you guys had a ball. I envy Mima and Papa Gus. Wish I could have been there too.