Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun Monday: A Cop-Out?

( UPDATE: It appears that my Fun Monday good deed as really hurt the feelings of one of the original participants. She has decided to quit Fun Monday because of it! I feel just awful. I posted an apology in the comments of this post, as well as on her site. Please read.)

Well, I decided it was time for me to join in with the Fun Monday crew, blogging about whatever the assigned topic was. They took last Monday off, it being a holiday and all, and it was announced that in the next two weeks (from the last post) that our assignment was to do a good deed.

Nikki, our host this week, gave us this assignment:

Have you ever had someone out of the goodness of their heart do something for
you without anything asked in return? Offered you money when you needed it the
most? Helped you change a flat tire in the pouring rain or even just simply held
the door open for you when you had your hands full? For Monday, September
10th, we are challenged with doing a good deed.

Two weeks? Aw, heck... I had lotsa time! But then, I found myself dealing with moving Noah into a new school, and the usual staying home with twin toddlers during the week. And weekends are fast and furious around here... so the days slipped by.

I spend a lot of time in my own home, and rarely get much chance to see other people much less do good deeds for them. I had thought of doing this awesome Random Act of Kindness I read about over at Wannabe Hippie's site, which she found at Jen Lemen's site. Its such a cool idea... go ahead, read about it, I will wait. Then come back...

...I even bought post-it notes and stuck them in my purse, made a list of cool things to write. But I never found myself in a public restroom after that preparation. I still plan to do that sometime, though.

So, being the homebody I am, I am kind of using this as a cop-out, but my good deed is for all my fellow Fun Monday participants. I sat down with my photoshop (mmmm, photoshop) and made us all a new cool logo!! Its free for anyone to snag from my post, up there at the top, or I also posted it to my flickr site. I am not sure who made the original green logo, and I mean NO offense to that person, but it was just too tiny for me, and needed a little Oooomph! And some FUN! So, use whichever one you want, or none as some are inclined to do.

But enjoy! Happy Fun Monday!

And to my regular readers (Hi Mom! Hi Vera!) I plan to write something about the family real soon! Really! More horrific details of life with a dare-devil toddler. Stay tuned...

Go here to see more Fun Monday posts by fellow participants. Oh, and ps: I assume you can resize the big version, but just in case, here is a smaller version of the logo, if you want that.


nikki said...

The new logo is just so.......FUN! Love the post-it note idea. I just might have to do that one myself!

Joy T. said...

I'll definitely be using this new logo for Fun Monday from now on. It's WAY nicer! Thanks :o) A good deed...indeed!

Tiggerlane said...

What a GREAT Fun Monday deed...I think you have helped all us Fun Monday bloggers. Good work!

ChrisB said...

The original Logo was done by my grandson who was 13 at the time. So although I like the new logo and your kindness in designing it, I may well stick with the original!! This one was gradually adopted by everyone having started with my daughter.

Robin said...

1) Welcome to Fun Monday!!

2) GREAT idea for doing good! We'll all enjoy it for a long, long time! The logo is adorable :).

3) Your header is great too! Fantabulous piccha (I don't think I usually use this many exclamation points...sorry!).


Robin said...

I'm gonna update my FM post to include it with a link back to you...that's a good deed, right?


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Hey, I am glad so many of you like it! Yay! Robin, I would love the link back. Thanks!

And Chrisb, I had no idea the original was made by a young teen! Awesome! I totally think you (and your daughter) ought to stick with the original. I would, if it were my kid. Of course I am not insisting anyone change, just offering options.

Have a Fun Monday and a great week!

The Ex said...

I love it! What a good one!

lisa's chaos said...

I like that we now have two logos to choose from - Thanx for the time involved in making it. :)

Willowtree said...

Nice logo, very sixties. However I think a submission should have gone to the Fun Monday committee for approval.

I'm just kidding, there is no FM committee, actually the idea started with just two people, I'm one and the other one no longer participates. Funny thing, I had no idea the other logo came from ChrisB's grandson, but now that I think about it, Beccy was the first person I saw using it.

Anyway, it was very nice of you to do this, since this is your first time. Oh btw, welcome to Fun Monday.

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

logo stolen. thanks!

Karmyn R said...

Cool Logo! I like it.

Pamela said...

I thought the logo came from "A very nice man" who doesn't participate anymore either. Just shows what I know... ha

I like the new logo. I'll use it next time.

Willowtree said...

Pamela - The Very Nice Man came up with the name after the first post about the view from the front door, but he didn't hang around long. You were there, remember?

Beccy said...

My son made the original logo so I'm going to stick with it. He was very proud to see it being used and I think that not everything has to be big ang bright. In fact I'm very upset and to me it was a kick in the mouth not a good deed.

In fact I'm so upset I think I'll retire from Fun Monday.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I posted the following apology over at Beccy's site, where she has announced she is retiring from Fun Monday because of me:


Oh Beccy -
I have to tell people that I am the reason that Beccy wants to retire.

I am new to Fun Monday and as my good deed, I made a new logo for the group. I was insensitive to the maker of the original who turned out to be Beccy's teen son, not a "nice man, no longer with the group" as I had been told. I called the original logo "too tiny for me, and needed a little Oooomph".

I offered the new logo I had made as an option to whomever wished to use it.

Beccy, I feel just awful. I feel it would rather just pull my logo, and ask everyone to continue with the original than have an original member of the crew retire because of my insensitivity. Would that make it better?

Being the new member, I would rather just not participate myself than have you pull out.

Please, please, reconsider. I just love playing with photoshop, and thought this would be a fun little project. I never considered other's feelings and I apologize. I will post this apology over at my fun monday post, too.

Beccy said...

Firstly I want to say that I really appreciate your comment. My comment on your blog and my post was a gut reaction to your Fun Monday post. On reflection maybe I should have said nothing and retired gracefully but I know how much work Dillon (my son) put into designing various logos, choosing which one he wanted us to use and how proud he was to see his logo on screen. In fact only recently he was pleased to see that it was still being used although he had a few words with his Grandma for "graffiti-ing her logo"! I am not sure where you got your information about the very nice man making the logo but if I remember correctly he coined the Fun Monday phrase and was the first to use the new logo when I posted it on my blog.

I have no objection to the new logo, times change, people move on and all that and from all the comments you got people obviously prefer your logo, we live in a free country and I totally believe in freedom of choice. Please don't pull your logo and please don't pull out of Fun Monday participation. I have been participating in a fun filled 32 weeks of Fun Monday and feel I need a rest, that is my choice and I am happy about it. I certainly don't want to stop others from participating lest of all you. I know what you did was with good intentions and I appreciate that. I am calm now and hold no hard feelings.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

If anyone is interested, this conversation continues at Beccy's page:

Sally Lomax said...


I only found you today, through Beccy's comments.

Perhaps the answer to this would be to have a 2sgnature" "designed by" on any logo used in blogland?

How could anyone know who designed what otherwise?

Sally Lomax said...

That was supposed to read "signature"!