Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Now the Pressure's On

Oh man...

I was just going to post a quickie explaining why I have been too busy to post lately, and when I log in to type some lame excuse, the danged thing tells me that this is my One Hundredth Post!!

(a small handful of confetti settles to the floor)

Well... that's that. So, I have been this cleaning fiend lately. The good news is that my house is getting cleaner than its status quo, even the parts no one sees. The bad news is that it is because the owners of our house have decided to put it up for sale and the owner, and a realtor are coming by this week to do a price analysis. And having the owner here makes me a little nervous. Not that we are doing anything that should upset her. I just think that the cleaner it is, the more she will see us in a good light... taking good care of her house, the type of folks you want to give back their entire deposit. The kind of folks you feel like doing the right thing for when you are negotiating an early end to the lease.

So, I clean until I drop.
Leaving you all out in the cold.

No Fun Monday this week (unless I finish it by next Monday) and no Wordless Wednesday for tomorrow unless I get my s**t together early tomorrow and pull one out of the vaults. I haven't taken a picture in weeks.

What else... hmmm...

In the spaces between cleaning and trying to be a good mom, I am watching HBO's show, ROME, which is just AWESOME! I got addicted to it just after the twins were born, and I was living in a room in the hospital for three weeks. All I could do in my spare time was pump breast milk and watch TV, so I watched the entire run of Rome, Season One. Now, finally, I am catching up with everything post-"Et tu, Brute". Lovin' it. Highly recommend it.

The carpool thing is working out really well. Noah is making a good friend in Cooper, the other boy in the carpool, and we are hoping some of Coop's sweet good nature will rub off on Noah who is becoming a bit pissy and mean lately. On that note, Michael and I are trying our damnedest to reward the positive behavior and ignore the bad behavior or have some of those "little talks" about what we expect from him. It's a hard row to hoe.

Did I say this was going to be a quickie? Ah well...

Off to bed for me... What are you all up to?


Mom said...

Wow, does this mean you will have to move yet again???

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

I am trying to respond to your email and it keeps bouncing back to me.


Anonymous said...

Ok, try your email you have listed for your blog. See if you got one from me (lauraw68 @ yahoo .com) .. may be in your bulk email... gmail does that to mine sometimes.


Thanks Karen!

Mom said...

Karen, I think I overloaded your mailbox with some pics. Better unload it. Sorry. Quit cleaning house and check your email!!! :-)

Willowtree said...

HAppy 100th post.

JeSais said...

Happy 100th post. And I wouldn't worry about having to move anytime soon. My neighbor's house has been up for sale for 6 months or more and I think only 1 person came to look at it.... but if you're looking to buy its a duplex! 1/2 would be rental income :-)