Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When In Rome

I must apologize. I have been rather distracted.

Normally, I post to my blog at least every three days so my many readers (waves furiously at Mom!) will be up to date on the latest minutia of my life. Up to date on every little new word the twins learn, Noah’s kindergarten happenings.

Blame Ceasar!

Well, not really Ceasar, he died in last season’s finale episode. Oh, I am sorry, you are not following? See, I have of late been addicted to HBO’s series called ROME! I watched season one while living in the hospital for three weeks while the twins lived in the NICU. It was SUCH a great show, and I have always loved historical fiction… it’s a great way to learn how and why things happened the way they did. Sometimes…

I don’t have HBO, so I was sorry not to be able to watch season two. But I recently was able to borrow a copy of the second season episodes. YAY!! And with ALL my free time, which used to be spent taking photos, photoshopping photos, and writing my blog, I have been watching season two.

And I am sorry to say, that I have seven more episodes to go. But rest assured that it will end someday... HBO has chosen not to renew Rome because it is just so expensive to make (they film IN Italy!!)

So, my new resolution is to attempt to split my free time between Rome and Blogville. Otherwise, I will lose ALL my readers

(Hi Vera!!)
(Hi, Hawker!)
(Hi Pam!)
(Hi, mystery person in Sanibel!!)

Stay tuned…


Mom said...

So that explains where you've been. I wonder who your mystery viewer in Sanibel is. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I looooooooooved Rome. I'm kinda disappointed it won't be renewed for another season, but then again the way they ended it was fantastic.

Jessica Duquette said...

No, Hi, Jessica?? That's the thanks I get for keeping you as one of the few blogs I still read?!?!?!?!