Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Good News

I never got around to writing about my Valentine’s Day.

It was a day like most others, although kind of fun to see Noah participating in that rite of exchanging little grocery-store valentines with his classmates. His, were, of course Star Wars Valentines, because nothing says love like a picture of Darth Vader coming at you with a light saber. Noah gave all the boys pictures of the bad guys and the girls got pictures of the good guys. There were, shockingly, NO pictures of Leia or Amidala (which to me would at least hint at love).
I made a little card for Noah out of construction paper since I had spent so much time the previous night looking for JUST the right card for Michael that I never got one for Noah. He liked it better that I made it anyway.

Of course.

We all exchanged cards after dinner. I had read Michael’s card earlier as he had left it on the keyboard, (knowing of course I was sure to go there!). Noah’s to me was very cute and included a little folded-up piece of paper. I opened it to find a gift certificate for a massage! Michael had done that for me before, and I had loved it. I read through to find out where the massage would take place: at the Ali’i Massage Center.


Yeah, in Hawaii!! Apparently, my husband and my mother-in-law have been scheming to get the two of us and Noah to Kailua-Kona on the big island for a medical conference Michael wanted to attend! His mom is going to actually take time off from her medical practice to take care of our twins for 5 days!! Does that not ROCK??

So, now, I am spending all my free time trying to research the island, trying to plan what we will do. I have NEVER been to Hawaii, and am so freaking excited I can’t even tell you! Plus, the trip spans both of our birthdays, so its just perfect.

So, if you know anything of the big island and want to give me tips or advice, the perfect restaurant that still has a kiddie menu, the best luau, a waterfall you can swim in, cool places off the beaten track, etc, feel free to tell me!!



Robyn Jones said...

ARGH!!!! You lucky bum! That sounds like such a blast...I know that you will have fun...

Snowbird said...

WOW!! Mima, you rock! What a great vacation. Oh, by the way, enjoy your massage too.

Meleah the Mommy said...

You simply must get this book. My husband and I spent our "babymoon" on Kauai and this book (the kauai version) was our BIBLE.
Hawaii The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook
Congrats and have fun. Hawaii is truly paradise -- you will love it!

Katrina Stonoff said...

Oh, how cool is THAT?!! Yeah, you! And your family! And what a fun way to break the news.

The photo is faboo too.

My sweetie and I put V'day off until Saturday because he was out of town. But we had a very romantic dinner and symphony concert (with my FAV piece of music).

But here's the funny part. We both forgot to *bring* the Valentine's Cards we'd bought. And now, here it is, a week later, and we STILL haven't exchanged cards. Sad. Very sad. ;-)

JeSais said...
go see Kilauea. an active volcano
apparently if you want to see active lava flow you need to do it by air... helicopter tour??

Carmen said...

Very cool. My nephew just told his parents that he would rather go to Hawaii than Disneyland. My sister isn't sure where they will end up yet. I told her just go for a cruise!

Cindy said...

Wow! What an awesome Valentine's day. Never been to Hawaii so my only advice would be to have fun! And I know you will! Oh yeah, take lots and lots of pictures... and I know you will!

AlaskaTeacher said...

Yeah!!!!!! That is so exciting! I love Hawaii! I definitely recommend the "Revealed" books. We used the "Oahu Revealed" book last summer, and it was great. Have fun!