Friday, February 15, 2008

Photo Phriday


Now my friend Jen has (unknowingly) guilted me into doing another weekly theme (inspired by a snarky remark on my part) that I will feel bad if I don't meet said deadline on.

And it causes me to write rambling sentances that end with prepositions, too!

Maybe this is just my chance. I tend to feel like I can only post pictures here if they highlight what I am writing about. A picture of Noah when I write about Noah, a picture from the zoo when we go to the zoo. But sometimes I just really like a photo and post it to my flickr page.

But who sees that?

Wordless Wednesday, to me, must somehow tell a story wordlessly. If it is just pretty but doesn't tell a story, it doesn't make the cut. So, I am thinking that Photo Phriday might be my chance to post random pictures I just like. The ones that don't tell a story. Maybe a place to post pictures I have photoshopped since I am starting to play with actions and textures and such.

I may have over-shopped this particular picture of the white flower (camellia?) but I didn't have a lot of time as I am supposed to be packing stuff for the troups to go visit Mima to celebrate her birthday.

But then, there was that guilt thing.

Ah, well. Half hour later to Mima's house, I guess.


JeSais said...

random is good!! thanks for playing the game...
hope you're feeling better.

tracey said...

these are one of my favorite flowers!! what a beautful shot--no words needed.
: )