Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Small Things

With all the Giveaway Shenanigans and the Odes to my dear sweet hubby, politics and my Wordless Wednesdays, it’s been a little while since I just sat down and told you what’s going on with the family.

Not that much has been going on, but I know how my parents and Mother-in-Law love to hear the minutia, so here we go…

Let’s see… nothing at all very exciting.

Tonight, Noah and I started on a project, making a hat out of recyclable materials for show at school on Friday. It’s basically going to be a milk-jug (which fit nicely with the bottom cut off) decorated to look like a bug or a robot or something.

The twins are doing great. Ethan’s language skills are quickly picking up and he is finally putting two words together on a regular basis. He also sometimes tells me when his diaper is dirty! Luka is still the silent type. But FINALLY! FINALLY, he is calling me Mommy instead of Daddy.

Ironically, he is now calling Daddy… MOMMY!


What else… Oh, the other day, while watching the Super Bowl (okay, I was only turning around to look at the TV when the commercials came on) I saw an old friend of mine on the Taco Bell commercial!! Remember the one with the Mariachi band? He is the one who pops up between the two office workers and pushes them down. No lines, but a national commercial, ON the Super Bowl, so WAY cool for him.

You likely saw him on the post I wrote about taking my son back to the theater I used to work for to see La Posada Magica, the show I worked on for 7 seasons. His name is Lencho (Lorenzo). He also was one of the guys playing the rocking music at my wedding.

I finished reading The Interpreter of Maladies and just in time I got the book, Eat Pray, Love in the mail through and after reading the first couple pages, it jumped right to the front of my reading list, leaving all others in the dust, on the shelf. Looks yummy.

On Monday, Michael had the day off because he occasionally works weekends. Noah was at school so we packed up the twins and had a great morning wandering through the shops in the Cedros District of Solana Beach, fantasizing about how we will decorate our "someday home".

This coming Saturday night, I am off with our friend Jason to see some local theater, so that will be really fun. It’s always nice to, you know, shower (!!!) and dress up a little, even if my date was arranged by my husband with another man.

What can you do?

I spent the week getting all my media files organized on the computer (photos, videos, Lightroom tutorials, photoshop plugins and actions and templates, oh my!). Okay, well, I still haven’t finished all of it, but made a really big dent.

I did some research into a pediatric dentist in this city for the kids. We have been really slacking in that area. Not that there were many pediatric dentists on our plan to research, but I think I found one to try out. I also found what looks like a great kid’s salon to take the twins to for their first non-bang-trim haircuts EVER! But I am nervous, and so they may go a few more days being called, “beautiful little girls!”.

But then, they said that about my brother and look, he turned out just fine.



(Note to self: call hairdresser for appointment tomorrow.)

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Emily said...

it's the little things that matter. love your picture yesterday; beautiful!