Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Haul Out The Holly!

Well, heck.

I totally forgot today was Wordless Wednesday, and I had a shot I really liked, too! Oh well, next week.

We are moving from Hanukkah into Christmas Season now. Ethan and Luka were mesmerized for 8 nights in a row as Noah lit the menorah. Afterward they stood on the floor trying like the big bad wolf to blow out those candles. Kind of against the purpose of the whole holiday!
We actually made latkes one night and played some crazy games of dreidl at least three of the nights. It's a better game than I gave it credit for.

Oh, before I forget, you have to go check out this blog post Michael pointed out to me. It's a picture of a Hanukkah display in the grocery store. Too funny. Skidaddle, but come right back!

I pulled out the Christmas decorations and realized that I can't hang our stockings by the chimney with care because they hang from heavy metal holders that spell out the word P-E-A-C-E, and that they hang low enough for either toddler to completely brain themselves with a three pound "A" if they gave a stocking even a small tug.

We are having a quandary as to what to do with the Christmas tree. We inherited this totally grand fake tree (I am a "real pine" kind of girl but this is an awesome fakey!) and I just know Luka will see it as some kind of new-fangled jungle gym. We have considered keeping it outside in the courtyard just outside the window so we can all enjoy it, but no one can touch it. It will likely end up in the kitchen so we can keep the baby gate between it and the twins most of the time. Normally, I would have my tree up by now, but we're thinking closer to the big day so as not to torment them overly long.

Do you have toddlers? No tree yet? A friend of mine has this completely FANTASTIC live Christmas tree that their family got last year when their youngest was a toddler. It's alive to use again this year and is called a "star pine". It's quite literally an inverted cone! It's tiny at the bottom and spreads out at the top! Just like a regular Christmas tree upside down! I wish to heck I had this tree so the most the kiddies could do is shake the little trunks and watch it sway a bit! It's genius. It's like the baby-proof tree!

Check out my Mom's Wordless Wednesday if you want to see a sweet pic of my babies when they really WERE babies!

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Snowbird said...

So what are you going to do with the stockings--hang them from the ceiling?

Also, saw a thing on the TV the other day about not letting your kids play with or put the strings of lights on the tree as they contain lead as a fire retardant. And to wash your hands after you put the lights on the tree. Geez, they are just taking the fun out of everything anymore!