Sunday, December 2, 2007

Homespun Goodies

While I am still a giveaway fiend, I have decided to minimize the amount of contests that require you to blog about it on your site so as not to exasperate those who come to see what our family has been up to. But my new friend, Lorien, has posted her very first giveaway and I want to give her a little linky love!

Lorien is a Southern California mom who is into organic foods, knitting, birthing, and her sweet little three year old girlie-girl, Nina. She has knitted up some cool little products and has an Etsy Shop. She is giving away any one of her products of the winner's choice. You just blog about the contest and leave a comment on this post.

When I was at her house a couple weeks ago, I discovered a stack of little homemade scrubbies sitting in a dish by her sink. I recognized them as the ones she makes for her store, but realized how handy and simple they were, how well they worked, and they were so pretty! You just scrub a few times, and toss them in the washer! They could save a bundle on paper towels (and trees!!).

She also knits some sweet little kiddie hats and pretty scarves.

So, go check her out!
Go! Scram!!

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Gumby said...

oh my... I really need to take longer looks at photos when I'm not wearing my glasses. I would have sworn that was a multi level sandwich made with rye bread and purple cake icing...