Monday, December 24, 2007

What Do I Want For Christmas?

Update: I am keeping this post on top because I am STILL BEGGING for your comments. I am lovin' it! But there is a new post below this one, you might not have seen.

I will tell you.

Comments, baby. I want comments!

I just sent out a massive Christmas Card email to all my friends and family (okay, lots of them) and I am guessing there is going to be an influx of visitors.

(waves furiously!!)

And what I want for Christmas is for you (YOU!!!) to just take a second (pleeeeze!) and leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by. Whether you stop by every day or if this is your very first time.
EVEN if you plan on never coming back again!

It's easy! See down there where it says how many comments there are on the above post? Click on that. Check "Nickname" and type in a name so I know who you are. Then just say "HI!" in the comment box and push "Publish Your Comment!"

It would make this girly-girl very happy.

Very happy, indeed.

Update: If you missed it, from my email Christmas Card, here are my kids dressed like elves and dancing their butts off.


Chrissie said...

Ooooh, lookie! I get to be your FIRST COMMENT on this blog!

It is VERY exciting!

I'm sorry I'm just a relic from your previous life as an un-married, un-procreated stage manager chick... But I'm glad you ARE SO MUCH BETTER AT KEEPING IN TOUCH THAN I AM!

Hello to Michael and the small kid-lings, whom I last saw as blips on an, am I out of the loop!

Merry Ho-ho!

Snowbird said...

Hi! Oh, I suppose I should say something other than Hi, huh?

I LOVE the email Christmas Card. I giggle everytime I watch it. Can't wait to see my little elves in person.

OK,I said Hi and left a comment. Are ya happy now??? :-)

Cindy said...

Nothing worse than a window blogger, or a drive-by blogger, or a blogger browser, or a... well you get the idea! And to think, I was going to get you a lovely pair of diamond earrings, but if you only want a comment I guess I'll get you that instead. Merry Christmas! ;)

Anonymous said...

Heya - now that we live in the same city, it's great to see you (two or three times a year).

All the best!

Emily said...

i think i first came to your blog during the Rocks in my Dryer giveaway....sometime around there. and i've been hanging out ever since. :)

Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with the Cecilios via your blog--even though I don't ever comment. So, keep it up!! (Especially since you are much better at keeping it up than I am with poor Lana's site...which hasn't been updated since this time last year. Bad Mommy Jen!)

And, I love the fact that you're sending your Christmas card out this way. Like we like to say up this way... Save a tree! Send it "e"!

Big hugs all 'round to your whole fam.

Jen, Tim & Lana

Shama-Lama Mama said...

YAY! this is so fun!

Chrissie: Great to hear from you!! Lets get together sometime!

Cindy: If you really NEEEED to give me those diamond earrings, you go right ahead, girl.

Jason: Hey Baby!! We love being near you guys, too!

Emily: I have a regular reader!!!??? That I don't know? AWESOME! Welcome! I will swing by your blog and check you out real soon!

Jen: Great to hear from you! Let us know if you are ever down toward LA. We could try to come up. Merry Christmas!

And of course... HI MOM!!!!

This is a blast!
Keep those cards and letters coming!

theOtherBarry said...

Yo girlie girl. You look a little tuckered in that picture - whatever could be the matter?

Hey merry whatever non-sectarian rite you nod towards.

So how is the brood? 'Sides lookin good, as usual? Mike is working for the navy? He doesn't work at that building that looks like a swaztika from space, does he?

Glad to hear from you - you have multiple xmas gifts piling up. go to my website & pick something out...

hope you're well & hopin to see y'all soon,


Snowbird said...

Wow, The Other Barry commented. I checked out his site. I LOVE his jewelry. It is gorgeous. Anytime you want to get me any of his necklaces--go for it!!! :-)

Hi Barry, it's me, K Mom.

Debbie said...

Oh I love the blog. I need to get with the times and do something like that for my family.

Happy Birthday to the twins!!!
and Happy Holidays to you and your family

Debbie Gregorowicz-Brown

rafael said...

Lovely blog Karen. I wish you and your beautiful family a merry christmas, happy Kuanza, belated happy Chanukah, and a great new year. I have bookmarked your blog and will be visiting from time to time.
Rafael Goldchain, Toronto

Jenwigs said...

HI! I love your Blog, I check it out a couple of times a week!

Jessica Duquette said...

ok, ok, ok, you guilted me into it! Here I am commenting, but I did something even better! I linked to your Bowie/Crosby post on my new blog on Cape Cod Today. It's called Think About It and I am just getting used to my 'new' voice. Cape Cod is very different than California!!

Happy Holidays and big huge hugs to all the gorgeous boys in your life.



Gumby said...


(does this count?)

Anonymous said...

Of course your card is creative and adorable, we loved it! Miss you guys... Merry Christmas! Pam (I know I am listed as anonymous again... I forgot my username/password! A true blonde!)

gail said...

Hi. I love people who beg. I am a stopper by and stranger. I got to 'know' your mom, whom I've never met, through the san-cap message board and found you through HER blog. I stop by from time to time. Could not open your card, which was blocked by my neurotic span blocker. But loved the fir tree story in a too-depressing-for-words sort of way. Hope you had a wonderful christmas. Hug those beautiful 'babies.'

Sarah said...

Thanks for entering the contest! Good luck~

:) There is a comment! :)

mb said...

i stopped by.

your family is brilliantly beautiful.

found you through Kate's blog (sweet/salty)

happy, merry, everything.


pandorian said...

Merry Christmas, my dear friend. May this new year bring you and your family many blessings. I miss you.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

It's been so fun getting all these comments! Thanks everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a new year full of many blessings.

PANDORIAN: I don't recognize the nickname... who are you?