Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Chance to Beg for Comments!

Why Hello!

Guess what I just heard?

Its already Wednesday and I only just found out that it is National De-Lurking Week! Yippeeee!!!

This is a great chance for you all to just click on that little button down there that says how many comments there are on this post, and tell me what you are up to this weekend! Or what's going on in your world!

So rarely do I see anyone lately, I probably miss you! Desperately!

Unless, that is, I have never met you. Well, then, by golly, introduce yourself! Just click on that comment button, pick a name for yourself and say HI!!

What am **I** doing this week, you ask? Well, let me tell you! I spent most of the week cleaning with all my free time, for a 15 minute walk-through of some folks who might want to buy the house I am renting. Yup. We might get the ole' heave-ho come April, if not sooner. Something about our rent not covering their mortgage now that the rates went up...

Little things.

And guess what?? My parents are coming to visit me tomorrow for TEN DAYS!! So, we will be doing lots of touristy San Diego things. Probably the Wild Animal Park, checking out the Midway Aircraft Carrier (for my dad), and see some theater. Lots of good camera fodder for my new baby.

Tell me (Hey, How about in a COMMENT!) what you are up to this week/weekend??

I will keep refreshing to see if you commented...

Go ahead.

I'll wait.


Snowbird said...

Is ten days too long???? Sorry, too late now. LOL Can't wait to see you guys.

Katrina Stonoff said...

Too long? LOL. If *my* mom were coming for 10 days, I'd be using all caps, out of joy!

This weekend, my husband and I are taking our 6-year-old to Walking With Dinosaurs ( and our own sweet selves to Pagliacci (

Hot date in a fancy dress, baby!

tonya said...

Oh yeah, I love having grandparent(s) visit (the longer the visit, the better-- yes, I am very lucky to have the family I do)! I hope you have a fabulous time.

And can I just say that I am lusting after your camera? Seeing your photos makes me totally want one too. I never knew what bokeh was, but I like it. BTW, how many MB are the photos it produces?

Cindy said...

Hope all your lurkers come out of hiding. No plans for the weekend, yet. Wish I had something more interesting to say.

gail said...

Sorry, no de-lurking for me. After 20 years in a closed office, doing legal research, going on vacations where no one at work knew I was gone, and only talking to assorted coworkers every month or so, my lurking skills are well honed and I am NOT coming out of the closet for anyone! But hello, definitely.

BadBadIvy said...

Alright, alright, I'm coming out of the lurker's closet. ;)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Hiya! Just wanted to say hi and your blog is fabulous! :)