Saturday, January 19, 2008

Out of Whack

Noah and Mama in the car...

Noah: Mommy, I just ate an ear whack.

Mama: A what?


Mama: What's an ear whack??

Noah: One of those things that comes out of your ear.

Mama: You mean ear wax????

Noah: Yeah, but I only ate one of them.

Mama: Um... okay. How did that go for you, then?

Noah: It didn't taste very good.

Mama: Yeah, I figured.

Noah: Not as good as a booger.

Mama: uh...

Noah: Mama?

Mama: Yeah, Noah?

Noah: I think that ear whacks are more healthy than boogers.

Mama: Why is that, baby?

Noah: Because healthy things don't taste as good as bad-for-you things. So I think ear whacks are healthy to eat, and boogers have gotta be bad for you.

Mama: ...o'kay.

Noah: Remember that, Mama.