Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A is for Awesome

Ooooh, I think I am going to have a new little addiction now that I figured out how to put videos on my blog. See how I have a category called "Mama's Latest Addiction"? Its because I sometimes glom onto something and won't let go until I wring all the fun out of it. So, until the mailman shows up with my new camera lens (peering over the back fence yet again...), I am going to be plying you with videos.

Lucky you.

So, this one is of Luka. He is suddenly learning his alphabet. (Due, mostly in part, to watching the video by They Might Be Giants called "Here Come the ABCs" over and over and over again.)

For those of you who don't get the momentousness of this, you must know that Luka hardly speaks a word. He is the Marcel Marceau (may he rest in peace) of the toddler world. We have been teaching him sign language because he speaks all of six words or so.

He doesn't even say "Mama" yet. He calls me Daddy. In fact, if YOU came over to my house, he would call you Daddy too. He calls his Papa, "Papa" and he calls his Lambie, "Mimi" and he calls Elmo, "Momo".

But everyone else is "Daddy".

So, when he started pointing at letters and naming them, we were flabbergasted to say the least.

Here he is in action:

I just did a spell check on this post. I appreciate that "flabbergasted" is in Blogger's dictionary.

"Glom", however, is not.


emily said...

here comes the "abc's is one of the best videos ever. I actually don't mind watching it!

Melissa Markham said...

That is awesome!

BTW, I wanted to stop and say hello and thank you. I am writmm/Melissa Markham... Thanks so much for helping Katrina to find me.

Snowbird said...

Way to go Luka. I am soooo proud of you. And tell Mommy to keep those videos coming!!

Anonymous said...

Yea Luka!!! Now that all letters are no longer "A", maybe all people won't be "daddy" much longer. You might even get a name, mom!