Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Lonely Sea Cliff

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For those just popping in, my blog is about raising my three sons,
two of whom are twins who just started their terrible twos,
and the crazyness that comes with all of that.
It's also about my love for photography, photoshop,
and the sweet life.
I grew up in Findlay, Ohio and live in San Diego.
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Me too!


si kiky said...

great beach, beach in my city has been badly polluted. :(
i didn't get a chance to visit san diego when I lived in Texas couple of years ago. :)

Juliana RW said...

wow....great pic in here :D

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Alexis Jacobs said...

What an awesome picture. Happy ww!

Liz said...

Very pretty!

Lisa said...

What a great picture! Happy WW and I love your blog!

Sarah said...

that is a super shot! Makes a person wish they weHappy WW!

Stop and see me herere there!

Harlekwin said...

Lovely! The blue sky alone captured my attention the most. I could sure use some right now along with the sound and aroma of the ocean. I think I'll stare at your picture for a few minutes and take a blue sky holiday.

Happy WW!!

Robyn Jones said...

That looks so peaceful..I could handle being there today...

FRIGGA said...

Hey, is that Sunset Cliffs? It looked like it, then I saw you're from SD too!!

Happy WW (come check out my great find in Julian!!) :-)

Mayogi said...

Happy WW! That's a really beautiful picture. I'd like to stroll along that beach.:-)

Tha Guru said...

looks really nice. a place i could spent some years. lol happy ww