Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I have to admit, I have been kind of lax when it comes to my blog lately. Haven’t been keeping up with my Wordless Wednesdays and have been posting about patio furniture and bird’s nests.

Even with summer coming, our lives have fallen into a pattern of the same things over and over. Not a lot of variety, weekends usually spent getting small jobs done and just relaxing at home. Nothing to write home about.

Or blog about, for that matter.

So, here are some small goings-on in our world, not worthy of their own blog posts, but together, maybe enough to make a decent read.

* Tonight I am off to a seminar at Noah’s school that was recommended to me by his kindergarten teacher. The big group will break out into smaller groups to talk about topics pertaining to kid’s with behavioral issues like ADHD, autism, mood disorders, anxiety, and behavior management. You can pick two topics to sit in on and I am going with “Mood and Anxiety in Children”, and “Understanding Mental Health Services” which explains what kind of therapies are available and how to find out what is right for your child. Hopefully, this night will answer some questions I have and set us on a path to find some help for Noah (who is not a basket-case but clearly has some issues that we are finding difficult to define).

* The ridiculous heat wave we had has finally passed and we are back down to the high 70s, which is rather lovely. My plants outside are a little worse for wear, even the desert plants. I might give them an extra watering tonight. I have been cutting the dead branches out of the jasmine vines and knocking off (and sweeping up) some of the dead blossoms when the kids want to play outside. I want to hang some pretty string lights up above my new patio furniture to make the pergola a more festive and inviting place in the evening.

* This weekend we are heading up to Michael’s mom’s house in Encino. Michael’s cousin Tanja is having her wedding reception there. She is originally from Serbia and found a nice Yugoslav boy here in America. He lives in D.C., though, so it’s a happy celebration and a bit of a sad farewell. I have been asked to take the “official” wedding reception family photos.

* Michael is getting a week off in late August and I have been scouring the internets looking for a place that our little tribe can attempt our first full-blown family vacation with twin toddlers. I really want to go to the woods. But the more we think about it, tent camping is just going to be too hard to be fun for a couple more years (visions of trying to cook food everyone will eat over a campfire, while trying to keep toddlers from running off into different directions in the woods). So, are started thinking of those campgrounds that have cabins. I found this awesome place that has tent and cabin camping, kitchenettes, a café, playground, swimming pool, kid’s crafts, movie nights, trails, a lazy river to swim in, rocks to climb and is right in a dense forest. Unfortunately, after I fell in love with it, I realized it was pretty far north of San Francisco. Looking for something as good further south is not going well. Anyone know of a place that would work for us?

Well, there is your latest news on what we are up to here in lovely, not-too-hot-anymore San Diego. What are YOU doing lately?


Snowbird said...

What am I doing? I'm getting ready to go to your brother's for the weekend. And to work in Alex Beaton's booth at the Ohio Scottish Games.

I hope you learn something useful at your seminar. I know how frustrating it is not knowing how best to deal with Noah's problems.

Say hi to Michael's family for us.

Emily said...

wow, what an update! i hope you'll be able to post some wedding pictures. :)

i just celebrated my birthday yesterday - that an doctor's appointments keep me busy. you know. nothing exciting, just the usual!

Snowbird said...

I'm writing this from Dave's computer. Can you get a read on me?????

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh... you so sneaky!!

And genius!

Yeah, I gotcha.