Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Michael's parents came down for the weekend to spend Father's Day weekend with us. Yesterday, they spent a little time with us around the house and then took Michael and the kids out to dinner (I went to a little goin-away-picnic for a friend). This morning, I stayed home with the twins while Michael and Noah went off to the grand's hotel for breakfast and some frolicking in the room.

Noah went on to visit his cousins with Mima and Papa (Michael's parents) and Michael came home to me. The twins are now napping so we are having a romantic afternoon alone, sorting laundry, downloading photos and changing light bulbs.

Tonight, Daddy is off with some friends to see our friend Jason in his play, Three Days of Rain at the Compass Theater. I went last week (this is how we do dates, mostly... we take turns staying home with the kids and compare notes later!). He is also meeting everyone for dinner beforehand which is great since he is always ushering me out the door for social outings, but rarely goes himself. I am glad he decided to actually get out for some fun on Father's Day. He deserves it. A lot.

Happy Father's Day, honey. You could not be more loved.

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gpc said...

How wonderful for you and your children that you picked a guy who is not only good looking but also a good person. It sometimes seems a rare combination.