Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Outdoor Living

It's gonna be a comfy summer!

I love that here in San Diego, it's lovely weather almost all year long. And while we can afford smaller houses here in California than we can back in Ohio where I grew up, our yards and patios are almost always available for lovely, outside living.

I have a fence around my back yard (a good-sized courtyard, really) and just allow the toddlers to open the sliding glass door and go out and play most times they want to. It's a safe, small environment for them to run around and explore.

But for me, it's never been very comfortable. I find myself sitting on the ground, or on the occasional camp chair.

I have fantasies about these lovely outdoor rooms with palm fronds and hanging textiles, lounges and pillows and lanterns and waterfalls. I have no such patio, nor do I plan to put that much expense into a rental house.

But I came a tiny bit closer to realizing my dream patio. We invested in a set of that all-weather resin-wicker patio furniture. We spent a bit more and got the deep, comfy kind you sink way into, with an ottoman so you can put up your feet.

Now, I can sit comfortably and watch the kids cavort. Since the acquisition, I have been taking a little more "me time", too. I have a bowl of cereal out there while listening to the baby birds chatter, or drink some coffee while I read my friend's new novel and the twins have their nap.

It's a nice, thing. It slows me down. It gives me pleasure.

And maybe, just maybe...

...I will start to invite some of our new San Diego friends over for the evening, now that I have an attractive place to seat them. It could be the beginning of some beautiful friendships!


Emily said...

ooh they do look great. i'm glad you'll be able to go out and enjoy the backyard with them :)

Cindy said...

Very nice furniture. I'm so jealous of your "comfortable" weather. Can you send some this way? We're melting here!

Lisel said...

I know exactly what you mean! We got some second hand but still pretty patio furniture for our patio and it has made me want to be outside all the time. Which is cool because the boys like nothing better than to dig and get dirty.

Nancy Sabina said...

Beautiful stuff. It is nice to be able to spend time outside. And me time is sooo important. Congrats on getting some more recently.

Snowbird said...

Can't wait to sit out there and enjoy and adult beverage with you. Only about another month!

Snowbird said...

Ooops, I meant AN adult beverage--not and adult beverage.