Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Body Art

I couldn't not play with it, could I?

I had purchased a couple cones of henna from a Mehndi artist last week for the Mother Blessing I threw for my friend, Kim. But we were having such a great talk, gathered in a circle around the living room, that we never quite got around to painting each other. So into my freezer it went.

I was told it would begin to go bad after a week so this past weekend, after getting the kids to bed, and after quite a bit of research into method and design, I went ahead and gave myself a henna tattoo.

Or twelve!

Well, I did both feet from big toe to ankle and then one hand. Couldn't do both because it was hard enough right handed. Left handed would have been a disaster!

It wasn't easy and I made some mistakes on my own skin, but I figure for a first attempt it wasn't so bad.

I made a lotus flower on my hand based on a design I found online, and then decided to stretch out some tendrils up and down my hand. Probably overkill. I then covered it all in medical papertape, wrapped it in toilet paper to soak up the sweat, and then in saran wrap to make it sweat, and Michael's socks (three of them) to cover the whole shebang.

I was disappointed in the morning to find that some of the spots got too sweaty and made the henna float and spread. My finger knuckle looks really messed up and my toe knuckles aren't much better. I guess I have sweaty knuckles.

I scraped off the henna that was still attached and over a couple days the stain changed from a pale orange to a medium brown.

It should last two or three weeks.

The henna I used didn't have any signs of beginning to go bad. It came out very vivid and dark. If I like it, I may hold onto the other cone and give it a go in another month or so.

I might practice drawing a bit between now and then.


gpc said...

How beautiful. You are a very talented and daring woman!

Snowbird said...

Very neat. You should be going to the Gathering this year with all that decoration!

lola coca-cola said...

You did an amazing job--next time there's a henna party you're definitely getting recruited.

Kelley said...

I just LOVE IT! Where did you get the supplies??? YOu did an amazing job.

Nicole said...

How beautiful!!

Emily said...

wow, it looks gorgeous! did you buy it online somewhere? or in person? i'd love to have the link if there is one!

Cindy said...

Very beautiful! I don't believe I would have the patience for such a delicate task. Nicely done!

Jenna said...

That is really beautiful! I have never had a successful henna tattoo (they always turn a light orange on me and then quickly fade... within days). But I've never gone to all to the wrapping/sweating steps you talked about. Makes me want to try it again. Any good ideas of where to get henna on-line/in the middle of nowhere?

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I've been asked by a few people where to get henna.

The woman I got it from was a henna artist who agreed to make a couple extra cones for me when she made her last batch. I just went over and picked them up. 7 bucks each. I think the best bet, to get the freshest, would be to find an artist in your area and ask the same thing.

But for mail-order, she said she highly recommended the henna from www.hennacaravan.com. They ship it frozen.

Elaine said...

Yep, really awesome work! I'm so making you lead artist next time we have a henna party!