Monday, June 2, 2008

A Little Tenderness

Call me crazy, but there is a small part of me that enjoys it when my kids are sick.

I have three boys that are no longer what you would call, "cuddlers". They are off and running, and when I try to gather one in my lap, I am often met with shrieks of "No!" or "Get down!" or from Noah, "Stop touching me!" which is a little disheartening when you are the one he says he loves the most.

Is it just because they are boys? And that's how boys are? Always on the go? Quick kisses are freely given, but rarely do any of them slow down for any extended affection.

This weekend, Ethan came down with a pretty high fever that knocked the chair legs out from under the little guy, and he spent most of the day Saturday on my lap, lethargic, looking at books, watching the TV, or just staring out into space. So, while almost nothing productive got done, I was able to sit and hold and whisper sweet nothings to into my little guy's ear like I haven't since before he could walk.

He's mostly all better now, and is spinning through the house, trying to keep up with Luka, but I sent Noah off to school today with a slight fever. Poor guy.

I wonder if it will cause him to slow down and spend a little time getting some Mama-love, too?


tonya said...

I'm afraid it's not just boys. My girl will not stand still for any lovin' if she's in the middle of doing just about anything. I have to settle for cuddles during book reading time, and random hugs. She doesn't even run into my arms after school anymore! Tiny Boy is getting to that phase too... "let me down mama, no no mama!" [sigh]

While it's sad your little guy(s) are sick, it is certainly a nice opportunity to recharge those depleted cuddle batteries! :)

Jenna said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with seizing cuddle opportunities when and where you can get them... even if it is when someone has a fever!

Snowbird said...

Awww, I'm glad my little guy is feeling better but I know what you mean about the cuddling and hugs. One of my favorite pictures is of Ethan cuddling with me at the beach last summer.

gpc said...

I shared the same secret pleasure when mine were little -- enjoy, they grow up way too fast, and find other loves to cuddle with!

Cindy said...

I say get the cuddles any way you can get them. Glad to hear that Ethan is on the mend though.