Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And On the 11th Day, She Rested

Wow! That was fun!

My parents and nephew, Sam, left early this morning after a whirlwind trip through the touristy sites of San Diego! It was fun getting the kids out of the house nearly every day and off doing fun summer things.

I jokingly ordered an earthquake for my visitors before they left today, and it arrived about 4 hours after they took off! Ahhh, heck, I didn't feel it down here anyway, although lots of other folks did.

So let's see... we went to Old Town, the Midway, the Zoo, Sea World, a couple museums, heard some late night music at a coffeehouse, walked the boardwalk, drank some margaritas, took a harbor cruise, and just hung out together!

It was great getting to be around Sam again for the first time in nearly two years. I was his nanny when he was less than a year old, and now he is a young man of 14! He is secure with himself already, has a very dry and droll sense of humor, and is so easy going with Noah and the twins AND is an easy fit hanging with the adults. He can take a joke and gives as good as he gets. The kids just loved him.

So do I.

There is a boatload of photos over at my flickr page of their visit here. I haven't photoshopped any of them so they are off color and too dark or light in many cases, but I thought it would be fun for you all to see all the fun we had.

Oh, and if you want to read REAL blog posts about the things we did, you should head to my mom's blog.


gpc said...

What a fun trip for all of you! You got some shots you will treasure more each year.

emily said...

looks like a great trip! so much fun.

can't believe you lived in the same places i have! are we living parallel lives? you know i was born in san diego, right? so weird!

MariBy said...

Ooooh....I was wondering if they had left before the quake hit yesterday...

I'm so glad that everyone had such a wonderful family vacation!