Sunday, July 13, 2008


I set the plate down in front of Noah wondering if I had given him too much. Would I be tossing some of his uneaten leftovers in the garbage or would I be eating it myself to prevent the waste? It was just a 3/4 size bologna and cheese sandwich and 4 apple slices covered in peanut butter, but still. If you know my son, you know what I mean.

I busied myself while he ate, trying to get some things done, and we chatted about our day.

And that's when it happened...

Out of the blue... like it happened every day.

He asked for more.


For those of you who know my son, I will allow you this moment to pull yourselves off the floor and take a breath. For those of you less familiar with his habits, I must let you know that he is five and a half and wears size 3T pants. He shares shorts with Ethan who is 2. He weighs about 37 pounds soaking wet.

And he never asks for more.

But today, the clouds broke open and the angels began to sing.


Cindy said...

Way to go Noah! Wow it must be quite the day for picky eaters! My son just ate pizza, with sauce, with pepperoni. AND asked for another two more pieces! That NEVER happens. LOL!

gpc said...

I am so happy to hear that this kind of experience is real -- I thought it was apocryphal. Maybe one day my tiny grandchildren will surprise us all, too. Congratulations!

emily said...

that's great news :) eat, noah, eat!

Snowbird said...

ALL RIGHT NOAH!! Beyuh is whooping and hollering way out here in the midwest. That is fantastic. I can't wait to see you and give you a hug in person. Until then hugs and kisses.

tonya said...

I can SO relate to your experience!

S. just had her 6 yr. checkup, and she *barely* made the scale tip to 38 lbs.

It makes me think they will be 12 years old before they hit that "60lbs" part of the 6 years AND 60 lbs booster seat law! Hope Noah's newfound appetite sticks around!