Monday, July 14, 2008

Badness or Why This is No Longer a Photoblog

You were just getting used to having me back here at the 'ol blog, weren't you?

Well, it seems we may have to part ways again in the near future. A little hiatus as it were.

See, last night I photoshopped some really awesome pictures for my blog and went to bed. When I woke up this morning and wrote the post and went to attach the pictures, my screen blinked out.


I restarted the computer and when I went to attach the photos to the blog post again, I found that those photos weren't there anymore. The OTHER photos in the folder were there... just not the ones that I had previously attempted to attach.

And then the screen blinked out again.


I restarted the computer and without getting online I just went to that folder and sure enough the photos I spent two hours shopping were gone. It was a folder with every picture I had ever put on my blog, and it seemed MANY of the pictures were now gone... but as I looked at it, I realized that they were listed alphabetically and only the ones named A-G still existed. H-Z were missing!

Would you believe that LAST NIGHT I backed up all my photos onto a now-safely-unplugged backup drive?? LAST NIGHT!! About 14 hours before the cascade of crashiness began! So, all I really lost was the photoshopping of about six photographs. Two hours work.

I can't even get Photoshop to come up right now because each click on the computer takes 10 minutes to follow through.

I did an all-day virus scan and nothing turned up. Tonight I am limping through my files and random ones say they are now empty and that my C Drive is not formatted and would I like to format it!?? YIKES!

Would you believe I took photos of my Hubby's cousin's wedding a couple weekends ago and have been preparing them for the happy couple, and when I went to check on them tonight, they were all gone! (Don't freak, Mima, they are safe on the backup drive! But like I said, I backed them up last night!)

So you aren't going to get a happy blog post today about going to the park with my kids and letting Noah borrow my camera. You aren't going to hear about how my day started... with the fall of the nest and loss of eggs of the mama bird on my front porch. Or the cute thing Noah said the other day, or Ethan's little milestone...

Not in the next couple days at least. Because I will be spending my spare time backing up anything else I can get my hands on before my husband pulls the cloth up over the face of our C drive, (and the J drive for that matter) in the coming days.

He served us well, our little hard drive. He is still limping along for now. But his time is short. We will miss him.

Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!


Snowbird said...

And THAT is why we have backups!! You had a little angel sitting on your shoulder when you did this backup. I would have cried buckets and buckets if I had lost all of my pictures.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I am pretty good at doing backups. I probably would have only lost two months of my own photos, only.

But loosing someone ELSE'S wedding photos!! THAT would have been tragic. And mortifying.

emily said...

scary! yes, i agree -- losing someone else's wedding photos would've been poor form, indeed. glad you've not lost a lot of pictures, and hoping you don't lose anything!

Derek said...

Backups are a good thing. Looking ahead, I have two words for you:

1) Flickr - you know what's better than a local backup? A local backup AND an online backup! ;-)

2) GIMP - just say no to Adobe bloatware!