Thursday, July 3, 2008


Lately, I have been listening to the audio book versions of the classic DUNE series by Frank Herbert. It seems Mr. Herbert passed away just before writing the last book of the series, leaving the epic story with a cliffhanger.

A few years ago, Herbert’s son Brian found his father's old floppy discs with outlines and notes of how he planned to end the series in one final book. Brian decided to take those notes, and with his writing partner, Kevin J. Anderson, complete the series himself. Before doing so, though, he wrote a trilogy of prequels to the series (two of them actually!). I was really skeptical that they would stand up to his father’s talent (a master of sci-fi) but I was surprised how much I really loved them!

Since the Dune series is so epic in scope, I thought I would go back and listen to the whole thing again before tackling the finale (which became so long, Brian Herbert split it into TWO books). I am two thirds the way through the last book his father wrote, and excited to see how it all ends.

It’s funny; I used to make fun of my brother after he got an iPod and began listening to audio books like an addicted fiend. When you walked up to him and began talking it would take quite awhile before you realized he couldn’t hear a word you are saying.

Now, I have become just like him, realizing that I can get my house work done while doing something entertaining, walking around with wires hanging all about me! I do have to keep a vigilant eye on the baby monitors, though, while listening, since I can’t hear the kids if they wake up and call. But I have been loving how I can plow through books now.

Although the stack of unread paperbacks on my “to be read” shelf are looking somewhat forlorn lately.

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