Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's Got Mad Skillz!

Update: What follows is the post I wrote on Monday, to which I attempted to paste some photos, causing my C: drive to get corrupted or crash or whatever it is doing. We are up and running (well, at least jogging slowly) on our spare system until my computer genius husband figures out what is going wrong. At least I can post photos to my blog again...

Michael often has to work on weekend days, and I had the kids to myself this Sunday. I really needed to get us up and out of the house as we had spent much of the week around the house.

I'm getting kind of bored of our neighborhood park, too, so I tossed them all in the back of the van and we headed down the road to a nice park with a playground and lots of shade trees.

Playgrounds are becoming much more fun now that the twins don't just wander away in different directions, not even noticing that they are leaving you far behind. They are finally developing that instinct to stay nearby and are even less likely to fall off play structures. It used to be all about preventing head wounds and was like herding cats. Now, I can spend a bit more time sitting in the shade and enjoying their playfulness than ever before.

I brought my camera along and got a couple good shots of each kid. Then, Noah asked if he could take some pictures. His grandparents got him one of those rugged kid cameras which is built really well, but I have to admit I am disappointed at the quality of the digital images it makes. It's kind of fallen by the wayside.

So with much insistence on carefulness and what not to touch, and how running with the camera is not allowed, I turned my beloved Digital Rebel over to my five year old son and told him to shoot away.

And I have to admit, while its hard for my Most Awesome Of Lenses to take a bad shot, Noah took some really fantastic pictures which I am posting here today. I did fix these up in Photoshop but I did not crop anything. All cropping was done by him in the camera.

I took the shots of Luka in my sunglasses and Noah's blue tongue, but the others on this page were taken by Noah. I have to say, I usually hate photographs of myself, but I think these shots are pretty darn great! Perhaps the best shots of me taken this year!

I may have to take my friend Wannabe Hippie's advice, and forgo the Fisher Price camera for something more breakable but with more quality.

I think he deserves it.


Emily said...

he's got a natural eye for it! gee, wonder where he got it... ;)

Elaine said...

Oh yeah, he's a natural! Great shots, Noah!

Snowbird said...

I'm impressed. Way to go Noah. Those are great pictures. Can't wait to see the rest you took that day. And yes, Mommy, that is a good picture of you. I may just print that one out.

gpc said...

Noah's photos are a lot better than most of mine -- no one would know that these were taken by a kid. As for the very nice photos of you, I think we all look at our kids with less tension in our faces, so our more natural selves shine through. They are often the one audience that we really relax with.

Cindy said...

Those are great photos Noah! Keep up the good work.