Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did I Never Explain This to Him?

We have been working on Noah's behavior issues with a new method that I described in an earlier post. It's a kind of ladder chart, with levels the child can climb up or slide down. Each level has a privilege that he either gains or loses depending on which direction he is going.

So far, its worked really well. As soon as we instituted the new ladder/1-2-3 method, he went to the top and stayed there for days, displaying a great attitude, being kind to his brother, having good meals.

The little snag we have run into is that he pretty much STAYS at the top of the ladder with full privelges! He keeps earning the ability to move up but he is already at the top! He wants to know if he can go up above the highest rung and I keep having to say no.

I told him that I was really proud of him and that he has been a wonderful boy lately. He has been kind to his family, very helpful, has had a great positive attitude, and hasn't even HAD much anger to "talk through with words". I made sure he understood how proud we were of his efforts.

He responded with,

"You mean... ...this is how... ...ummm..
...I am... ...ummmm...
...supposed to act?"


a guy said...


Emily said...

i'm glad it's working out so well! my fingers are crossed that it'll continue!

gail said...

That is so cute, who knows what all goes on in that little mind! I hope he ummmm enjoys acting like he's supposed to!

Snowbird said...

Maybe you could institute a special treat once in awhile if he manages to stay on the top rung for several days in a row. Something to shoot for to continue the good behavior.