Friday, October 17, 2008

Separated At Birth

Okay, enough about behavior problems and fish oil.

I found this website you just gotta go check out. It's called Totally Looks Like, and it pairs up people in photos who look alike. Some are dead ringers and some are just funny. I went through every page in their archive laughing at the pics. It's one of those reader-submitted sites so there are lots of posts.

Check these out:


Snowbird said...

My Favorite:
Mary Kate Olsen & a Troll Doll

MariBy said... it! And I have always thought that Bill Maher and Ryan Stiles look alike!

gail said...

I am still laughing about Sean Connery -- and here I always thought he was good looking! No wonder my choices in men have been less than stellar! LOL

and poor Michael Jackson -- I had noticed that resemblance a while ago. Surely not what he was going for. :(

Emily said...

ok, this is too funny. i have to go check this site out. :)