Monday, October 27, 2008

A Welcome Invasion

Mama: Okay, so on Thursday afternoon, Mima is coming for a couple hours with some friends of hers that Daddy knew when he was going to school in Yugoslavia. They are coming a long way and I want you to be on your best behavior.

Noah: Uh-huh.

Mama: Then on Friday, my friend Dan is coming for a couple days, and he might stay at my other friend's house, or he might stay here. Either way, I am probably going to go out and visit with my friends for awhile over the weekend.

Noah: Uh-huh.

Mama: Then, on Saturday, Daddy's Aunt Elsa is coming to visit for a few days and she is going to be sleeping in the office, so that will become her room and I don't want you guys playing in there all the time when she is here, okay?

Noah: Okay.

Mama: Okay.

(beat... beat...)

So... what's next? A zombie invasion?


Snowbird said...

OMG, it's a good thing I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read this. Where does he get these things??? BTW, say hi to Dan from K Mom.

MariBy said...

LOLOLOL! That was great! :D

gail said...

I can always count on your Noah-isms to bring a smile. Have you thought about getting him a job as a sit-com writer?

Meaghan said...

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$5 Dinner Mom said...

LOL! What a cutie! Thanks for coming by. I hope you find the site helpful and useful. I've done one giveaway and have 2 more scheduled. And yes, I don't need them, but I think they're fun! I'm glad $5 Dinners caught your attention and I hope you come back soon...cookbook giveaway next week! Think Christmas present!