Friday, December 12, 2008

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Noah had his second birthday party this past weekend. I had only planned this one, but his Mima couldn't make it and so came down the weekend before and took him and his two cousins to Chuck E. Cheese. So, he really lucked out this year.

He really wanted to invite his whole class, and since we have never really thrown him a multi-kid party we decided this year we would go a bit bigger, (as long as he understood next year would be a smaller event, again). We thought it was important that he feel like the center of attention among his class since he has struggled with a feeling of being an outsider (which does seem to be clearing up this year).

His school is experimenting with keeping his class together as a group for a three year period, so I hoped having lots of kids come to celebrate with him would make him feel more included. Unfortunately, every child who RSVP'd was a girl (not that there is anything wrong with that). We did also include a neighbor friend who is a boy, and they mostly hung together, but Noah seemed to feel really happy and EVERYONE had a great time.

We went to Airtime which is a big room with all kinds of different inflatable playthings. If you are local, we LOVED the slick job these guys did with birthday parties and they also have drop-off Mom's Nights Out where they feed your kids!

Here is a video of the fun... You might want to turn your volume down a bit first. It starts out kind of loud! The room was not that loud, I swear, but the camera picked up every blower in the room!


Snowbird said...

I loved the video. Thanks so much for posting it. My goodness, the twins are getting big. I see that Luka is still jumping everywhere. That room was made just for him! Was that Fox I saw sleeping in his pouch?

Emily said...

looks like so much fun! after the difficult year you guys and noah have had, i'm sure some extra fun was much appreciated.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Yeah, that was Fox, alright. He is growing so fast!

I have another video coming up soon starring the twins, which is pretty funny.

Snowbird said...

Can't wait.

Snowbird said...

So---where's the video of the twins?