Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Shama-Lama Christmas Morning

Christmas morning with little kids is SOOOOOO much fun! It was the highlight of my day to see the kids all excited as soon as they woke up. I took a decent amount of video and am posting some of it here (mostly for the grandmas). For those of you not too into home movies, the first one at least is the one to watch.

Noah asked Santa for Trolls. You know... those ugly little 1970s dolls with the long hair. He LOVES them and spent his own money for some at a garage sale. It seems Santa found a dusty box of Trolls in the back of the workshop and since Noah was the only kid on the planet who wanted Trolls, he brought Noah all 28 of them. It seems he snuck into Noah's room and planted the first one in Noah's pile of clothes for the day. This is him discovering it at 6:30 when he woke up. Sorry it's a bit dark.

If you are cool with home movies, here is another. Not sure if I will post all four or not, but here is Ethan looking down at the tree (before coming downstairs the first time) and counting the presents. Kinda cute...

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday. What has been the highlight of your day?


Snowbird said...

Loved the videos. I want more.

gail said...

Adorable - the highlights of my day were similar, different little kids, same kind of cuteness!