Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've Joined the Flock

Hey! I just downloaded and began using this really cool new web browser called Flock. It's made on a Mozilla Firefox platform but it has been designed for folks who have blogs (me), read blogs (me), use Flickr (me) or facebook (me) or myspace, gmail, twitter, picasa, livejournal, typepad, wordpress, digg, yahoo, aol mail, etc, etc, etc...

It's made for us, and the design is extremely intelligent and well thought out.

Okay, get this... within your web browser there is an embedded feed reader, a media bar that allows you to pull up all the photos or videos on a page, has a sidebar of all your friends (from facebook or myspace, or your email list) and you can just drag and drop photos or interesting articles to their names to send things to them. You can post on facebook from an interesting news article, there is a clipboard to toss a photo or a page to read later.If you use one of the big online email sites, you can click one button and it goes right into your email, bypassing passwords right to your compose screen.

Here is what it looks like.

And I am actually posting this blog from the blog editor in Flock. I haven't tested it yet, so we will see how this goes. And this is a good thing, because the editor in blogger sucks eggs. I can type out a big long post, add three photos, and it will add an empty row between EVERY paragraph for each photo I post. Then I always go back and delete the extra rows. Does YOUR Blogger editor do that too?

And it looks like I can post in different fonts, like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and on and on... (just testing that, pardon me...)

There are also more than one theme or skin so you can change its look, and they allow the public to create themes as well, so more will be coming up the pike. For instance, here is their new eco-skin.

Anyway... I am REALLY liking it, and if you use social networks and have or read a lot of blogs, you should give it a ride. You can download it here.


Emily said...

sounds very cool - i will have to check it out!

Wrath said...

Flock has been out since at least 2006 but 2.0 came out in October I believe. I think it is very innovative. Word on the street is that the features slow down browsing performance however.

Shama-Lama said...

Yeah. It usually goes to a page fast as lightning. But every now and then it chugs and works and then gets there. I wondered if it was my computer or the browser.

I still really like it, though.

Cindy said...

Sounds interesting... although I don't actually *do* hardly any of those social networking things that you listed there. I was a little late coming to the blog train so maybe I'll warm up to it.

I have to agree about the formatting in blogger. It drives me crazy all those extra spaces when I add photos.

gail said...

Oh you young people are so techno savvy -- but this old dog will check it out and see if it's Fool proof!