Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wherein the Author Explains Her Sudden Absence and Neglect of her Small but Loyal Audience.

Don't you hate when someone neglects their blog for days or even weeks on end, and then they write one of those posts apologizing and explaining their transgressions? So do I.

But I'm gonna do it anyway.

Mostly I need to apologize to my mother, who curls up in a fetal ball when I neglect to post at least once every 5 days. Get up Mom! There are other reasons to live!

It's not that I don't have things to blog about. I have LOADS to blog about, but it's those very things, planning for them and cleaning up after them that takes from me the time I need to blog about them!

The visits from our multiple house guests were great fun. Thanksgiving was lovely. Noah's family birthday before the bigger event was sweet. I've made a new friend with twins just barely younger than mine. I have begun a girl's night out thing with some random women I know. And I am attempting to bathe on a regular basis.

So, that's what's been going on!

And I can't promise to do better until after the first of the year. Between now and then we have the twins' birthdays, Noah's party, Hanukkah and Christmas... and let's see... how much... oh yes, ALL of my Christmas shopping to do. And maybe squeeze a visit to the dentist in there if possible.

So, hang in there and know that I will not desert you. I will be back in January when there is nothing to blog about. Until then, I might have the occasional surprise blog post. But don't get yer hopes up.


gail said...

Dear Long Lost Author:

This is a message from the Grandma Police.

You have clearly misunderstood our rules and regulations, which is to be expected since it will be quite awhile before you are initiated into the granderhood.

Of course you cannot know our secrets, but know this -

There may be other reasons to live, but there are none better.

So find a minute, and if you really can't post, call your mother!

Thank you for your attention.

Cindy said...

I've been checking daily and was just thinking yesterday, gee she sure hasn't posted in a long time, what's the deal? And then I remembered the date of my last blog post. Ooops. Hope to "see" more of you soon.

Emily said...

glad to see you back. :)

you know - life happens. it may be sad in blog world, but - what can you do?

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Dear Grandma Police,

So noted. I will in future make more of an attempt to conform to the rules and regulations of my contractual obligations to the grandmothers of my family.

But isn't there a clause in there somewhere that requires them to mail homemade cookies at times?

I need to go back and read my contract....

Yours truly,
Shama Lama Mama

Snowbird said...

I can't make cookies because my oven is broken. Oh well.
Anyhoo, sorry I didn't see this yesterday when you posted it but blame it on Spokeo. It didn't pop up there.
Anyway, thanks for finally letting us know that you are still alive and well and haven't foresaken the blogging world.

Oh yeah, I LOVE the photo if Ethan.