Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chuckie Jesus

So, yeah. The other day, Ethan is sitting quietly at the kitchen table methodically working his way through his pasta, one piece at a time, when he looks up into the space in the middle of the kitchen, he points, and he says,


Now, of course Michael had to look around the room too, to see if he could see this apparition, and I must say he did not.

And Michael says, "What Ethan? What do you see??"


"Where, Ethan? Where is Jesus!??"

"On the balloon! And STARS!!! It's really pretty!"

Michael looked and finally saw Chuck E. Cheese there on the balloons from Noah's night out with Mima, and after he peeled himself off the floor and caught his breath again, Michael had to call me into the room to have Ethan repeat the whole performance.

It was only when making this video that Ethan decided to rename the mouse (or should I say re-Christen him?) Chuckie Jesus.

The balloons are almost devoid of helium now but I am loathe to throw them out for fear of loosing the best laugh I have had all month!


Snowbird said...

Yeah, I had a good laugh too. So, have you informed Chuckie Cheeses yet that they need to change their signage and merchandise?? And they could put Ethan at the door saying, "Hi, welcome to Chuckie Jesus!!"

gail said...

Talk about seeing the mystical in all things! Hysterical.

Emily said...

seriously, where do kids come up with this stuff? The stars and such do make me think of 'Jesus Christ, Superstar'.

Is this a play on words, Ethan?

Snowbird said...

I have to keep coming back and watching the video again and again because it is so darn funny.

Cindy said...

LOL! Wow, those Chuck E Cheese marketing people certainly know what they are doing. They have managed to turn cheese pizza, tokens and an animatronic mouse into a deity. ;) Very funny!

gail said...

I am still laughing. I keep watching it over and over, too. I think you should start a church -- I'll join!

ღ Alice ღ said...

Awww, so cute I had to watch it 3 x's. Your other son sure loves his apple :):) Thanks for posting the video, I love watching things kids do, they always amaze me :) BTW, I found your blog through Snowbird's blog, he has cute grandkids :)

Tootie said...

That is too CUTE! :-) It's also wonderful that Grandma can tune in on what the grandkids are doing. :-)

tonya said...

I LOVE it! Gave me a good laugh, which I needed (thank you). I'm going to share the link with a couple of friends, too. Hilarious!