Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Because Video is Fun!

For your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded some videos we took in Hawaii on the day we visited the Volcanos. The first was taken inside the Thurston Lava Tube. Don't know what a lava tube is? Noah will explain it all for you!

The second one was taken in Volcanoes National Park as well. This is an overlook into the Kilauea Caldera, and the Halemaumau Crater can be seen within it, spewing steam. This area is famous for the steam vents all around you where you stand. If you bend over and touch the earth, it's warm in some places.

Lastly, the view of the Halemaumau Crater from the Jagger Museum overlook, which 36 hours later, had small boulders raining down on it when the vent in the crater exploded.


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Snowbird said...

Cool! Or I guess really it is hot because of the steam. Loved Noah's description of the lava tube.