Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hawaiian Redux: Grass Skirts and Fire Dancers

Getting bored of the Hawaii Travelogue yet? Well, I am getting close to done. Then it will be back to adorable pictures of the kids and the mundanities of my life. Is that a word? Mundanities?

Anyway, on with the luau!

This was the stage overlooking the sea. That's the M.C. up there.

We were sitting pretty much front row center, at his feet. If you ever go to the luau at the Royal Kona Resort, DO pay the extra five bucks to get VIP treatment. Its worth it. We ate first, too.

Also, at the bar with the long line? Tell them you are getting drinks for your party and get enough for each of you to have three. That way, you don't have to stand in that crazy line again.

Check this out. Can you say Hot Foot?

I have said from time to time, after eating Mexican food, that my mouth was on fire. But it wasn't really. Not like this:

And because I know there are men out there who don't want to see shot after shot of "Mr. Abs of Steel" (Hi, DAD!), let's bring on one of the ladies!

Dang, she's pretty!

These next folks don't look too bad, either, but maybe its just the good Photoshopping job that was done on the picture.

Although, don't go congratulating me on the great Photoshop job on all these photos. I have a new apprentice and he is doing a great job!

My son, Luka, has been mastering layers and color balancing this week and is really coming along nicely on his sharpening skills, too!

As long as I keep him plied with coffee, he should make it through my unshopped photo catalog by next week!


Snowbird said...

Great pictures. I got a laugh out of Luka on the computer--especially after you said he hadn't been too kind to Daddy's laptop!!

Cindy said...

Love those pics with the fire. Looks like a ton of fun. And thanks for the insider tips, if we ever get a chance to go to Hawaii I'm coming to you for advice. :)