Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hawaiian Redux: Suey!!! Pig, Pig, Pig!!

With our condo rental, we got buy-one/get-one-free tickets to a luau at the Royal Kona Resort. I was a little leary, even paying for one ticket (Noah was FREE!!) because the cost is really darn hefty and the reviews for the luau were really so-so. But then I started hunting for other luau's and they weren't much better. So we went with it.

And I was really pleased!

Maybe its because I wasn't expecting much, but the food was very tasty, and there was lots of good stuff. The MC was very Don Ho-ish (well, that didn't come our right!) and the dancers rocked. We had read on the review sites that it was well worth it to pay the extra 5 bucks for the VIP seating when you get there, we did, and we got to sit in the very front row (getting there early helped)!!

They had the authentic traditional pig roasting in the imu (underground oven). Apparently, that piggy had been cooking, buried and covered all day long.

We all gathered around to watch them uncover the thing. As layers of blankets, leaves and dirt were pulled off the carcass, the audience appeared dubious about dinner.

Then, they pulled the massive thing out, laying prostrate on a metal mesh board, and dumped it out onto a tray, carrying it off to the buffet like a couple ambulance drivers with a new patient on a gurney.

Poor Wilbur headed back to the outdoor carving area to be chopped up and added to some yummy stews and other Hawaiian delicacies.

I'm sorry, what's that?

All those pork-snout pics making you a little queasy? Uneasy?

How 'bout some cake?

That should tide you over until the Hula Girls and Fire Dancers arrive!


Cindy said...

Oh my goodnes that crowd pic is classic! That little girl looks as though she is about to cry. I wonder if she actually ate after witnessing that. Can't wait to see more!

JeSais said...

all I can say is yummmm. but I'm not a vegetarian. and did you get to eat any haupia?? my favorite coconutty goodness.