Saturday, April 26, 2008

One For the Grandmas

Okay, I had to take a little break in all the Hawaii photos so that I could give my mom her twins-fix. She has seen lots and lots of pics and video of Noah here lately, that she was jonesing for some toddler love. And I know that Mima wouldn't say no to some cute photos of twin antics.

So here goes.

We were playing in the little nylon "room" that their Aunt Terri got for them a year ago, popping up out of the roof like mad Jack-in-the-Boxes, and their hair was getting full of static electricity, it was standing straight up! Luka calls the nylon-folding room "Wass" which is his word for "house". It rhymes with... gosh, nothing.

Okay, it rhymes with the Spanish word, "mas" as in "uno mas, por favor!"

Check out Ethan's teeth! Can anyone say, "Orthodontia"? Donations for future work kindly accepted. He kind of looks like Ron in the Harry Potter movies here, don'tcha think?

But I am a bit cranky with Ethan lately. He has been throwing things on the floor just for fun: his plate when he is done eating, his cup when he is done drinking, whatever is on the kitchen counter that he can reach, all the spoons in the utensil drawer, all the papers on my desk, and yesterday (GRRRRRRR!!!) I heard something break when he was playing in the back courtyard and I went out there to make sure he was okay and he was standing among about 7 or 8 smashed terracotta pots with plants in them (or at least they had been in them!) that he had taken off a low table and thrown onto the cement one right after the other!

Okay, a couple of those were plastic, but ARGH!!!!

(taking deep cleansing breaths...)

(focusing on how cute he is in that last photo...)

(breathing... and... moving on!)

I know this last one of the pair of them is a bit out of focus, but its so rare to get the two of them in the same shot that I just went with it anyway.

Awwww, how cute is that? I asked Ethan to kiss Luka and he planted a big wet one on him, but that shot was even MORE out of focus.

Okay, Mom, will this hold you for a couple more Hawaii posts?


Snowbird said...

Yeah, I guess that will hold me. :-) Love the pictures! Adorable. And as for the future dental work--like mother, like son. Your dentist told us when you were 3 years old that you would need braces--and you did!!

Oh, and sorry about the lost pots and plants. That will teach you to use ALL plastic (even though it isn't terribly green) until these kids are old enough (in their 30's maybe?? LOL) to quit throwing things.

gpc said...

Maybe Ethan is going to be like his grandma, intent on freeing all living things? I mean really, you don't want him to start with opossums, it's much safer to begin his mission with plants. :) Adorable, love the one of them together.