Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hawaiian Redux: Our Love Nest

All right, Kiddies! Time for some Hawaii memories!

I finally got the camera out of moving/packing hell, got the big computer up and running, transferred the photos into Lightroom and the movies off the camera.

I have to say that after all the hype (Hi, Cindy!), I am rather disappointed with my Hawaii photos. I need to look at them more closely but so many of them seem to be slightly out of focus. Not sure if I had the settings tweaked, or if the often-grey sky had something to do with it, or if I banged my camera, or what, but none of them are all that awesome. (And cloudy skies often give you the nicest pictures!)

I actually took a few with our point and shoot, and some of those look loads better than most of my new sweet-baby lens' shots. I haven't had the chance to work any of them (spent the last six days of Noah's vacation going through, purging and organizing only TWO boxes of bathroom junk. Hopefully, when he is back in school (TOMORROW!!) it will all go more swimmingly.

So, for now, I leave you with this first video from our trip to the Big Island: our condo rental at the ResortQuest: Kona by the Sea.

Oh, and just so ya know... the yucky vomit monster came and went in 24 hours, thank goodness, only biting two of us, and life is finally settling into a normal-everyday-frantic-craziness. YAY!


Snowbird said...

Yay, finally some pics of Hawaii!! That condo looks a LOT like Pointe Santo. Are you sure that you weren't just down the street from us and saying you were in Hawaii????? :) Wow, if those digs were the "cheap" ones, I would love to have seen where Michael's conference was held. Anyway, thanks for the pics and can't wait to see more.

Oh and yes, maybe Noah has a future as a tour director.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Yeah, I thought it looked like Pointe Santo, too! The floor plan is almost identical, as is the fabric on the couch, the wood on the chairs, etc. I even mentioned it to Michael.

The more expensive rooms at the hotel where the conference was was their basic, cheapest, smallest, basic hotel room. You can see why we chose to commute.

Cindy said...

Noah and the "clothes cleaner". *giggle*

Love that place! The peaceful sounds of the ocean was pulling me in. Glad everyone is feeling better.