Monday, May 5, 2008

Come Blow Your Horn!

Today is my sweet niece's 11th birthday! Ain't she a doll?

She lives way over on the other side of the country from our family since we came back to California, and we miss her dearly.

She and Noah had a great kinship when they lived near one another. You can just see how sad he is that they will be separated soon, in this picture taken in the last month before we moved.

Erin rocks. She really, really, does!

Go check out my mom's blog for an awesome tribute to Erin (that I could never out-do so I won't even try!) complete with "then and now" photos.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We miss you BUNCHES!!


Wrath said...

Yes...she really does rock.

Percussionist, shortstop, striker, point guard, Honor Student, Student Council, budding naturalist, math whiz, Home movie director, best daughter a father could hope for.

Snowbird said...

And a proud father you should be!

gpc said...

Lucky you, lucky grandma, lucky dad . . . and lucky Erin. She is obviously a beauty, inside and out.

Robyn Jones said...

Happy Birthday have the best present ever...a family that really loves you....