Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Please Remain Seated Until The Fish Has Come To A Complete Stop"

It still makes me giggle when I think about it. That was the announcement played on Elmo's Flying Fish Ride.

This Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to a Parent-Blogger event at Sea World San Diego, celebrating the opening of the new area of the park called Sesame Street Bay of Play. Yeah, I am SO in the IN CROWD now. And it only took 40 years.

Michael and I decided it might be a good chance for some much needed Mommy/Noah time. Besides, Michael’s mom and his uncle from Yugoslavia were stopping by for a visit that day, so Michael stayed home with the twins to visit and catch up.

It was a big opening day for the Bay of Play complete with San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman who was there to do the ribbon cutting and lots of media doing live broadcasts.

According to Noah, the Bay of Play is "pretty awesome". There were three new rides meant just for smaller kids, a huge play structure, bounce house, water fountains to play in, fun house mirrors, and even a big area for toddlers to play together on a soft floor with big soft blocks surrounded by comfy seating for the parents.

The Sesame Street characters came out at regular intervals to do a song and dance up on a big pirate ship, and then came down to mingle and take pictures with the kids. Noah didn't want to pose with them since they were "just guys in costumes" but he still wiggled his butt a bit when they danced!

After doing a couple rides and checking out the place, us parent-bloggers headed over to a little reception area, gorged on chocolate muffins enjoyed a nice breakfast spread, sipped coffee and got to know each other a little bit.

I ran into Elaine of Wannabe Hippie and her hubby, and Wannabe Urban Housewife, both of whom I had met before. And I got to know a few other Southern California bloggers including Donna Schwartz Mills of SoCalMom, Erin from Queen Of Spain (who recently got to interview Barack Obama!), KTP from House of Prince (such royalty!) and some other parents of twins, Matthew of ChildsplayX2 and his lovely wife Andrea, and I also had a quick "howdoyado?" with Y. at Joy Unexpected.

We were all even gifted with a commemorative cookie jar with a fuzzy little Cookie Monster inside before sending us out to explore the rest of the park. It was great fun getting to chat with some other local folk who share my fondness for blogging!

Our thanks to Kami Huyse and the kind folks at Sea World for arranging this awesome day for all of us! It was our first time at Sea World, even after being here in San Diego for a year, and we will definitely be back!

To see more pictures of our day, click here! Stay tuned... I may just have a GIVEAWAY for you guys soon!


Donna said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I so enjoyed meeting you, too!

Cindy said...

That looks sooo awesome! I wonder if any other Sea World parks are going to have that. If so, we're not that far from San Antonio, and I've been dying to go there anyway!

Gumby said...

no pics of Bert and Ernie's House of Horrors?