Friday, May 23, 2008

Five and a HALF

My oldest is five and a HALF today!

He is very excited about being able to call himself that now. It’s funny: in the morning he usually likes to finish his breakfast quickly so he can play 10 or 15 minutes of computer games before school. But THIS morning, after he quickly ate, he asked if we could hang out in the living room so he could get some “Mommy Love”, instead. You know I wasn't gonna pass THAT up!

I told him I would LOVE that, and that as soon as I finished making my coffee I would be right in. He said, “Okay! I will be waiting on the LOVE seat!”

Michael and I both got a giggle out of that.

I came in with my mug to find him setting up the love seat with three pillows and a blanket so we could get comfy. And comfy we got. I told him that I was surprised he was giving up his computer time to be with me, and he said that it was a special day (being five and a HALF and all) and he wanted to spend this time with his mom. Awwwww…

I told him that birthdays (even HALF birthdays) are just as special for moms as they are for the kids because it reminds us of how happy we were when our child came into the world.

When it was almost time to get to school, I asked if it was okay for me to get up and get his shoes for him. He said, “Sure!” and so I went to get them. When I got back, I saw that he had run to my room while I was gone and brought back "Bunny", the stuffed animal I loved in my childhood and still keep.

“You can keep this near you today, so when you miss me, you can look at it and think of me.”

We got his gray hoodie jacket on with the hood up to protect against the rain we are having this morning. He asked me to take his picture. I thought it was to commemorate his being five and a HALF but after I took it, he instructed me to print it out, cut out the face, and paste it on my Bunny’s face, so I can remember him more easily.

As if I could ever forget that face.


Snowbird said...

Awwww, that brings a tear to my eye. What a great little boy. Tell him Beyuh and Grandpa wish him a Happy 5 and a HALF year birthday.

Cindy said...

Awww, what a sweet little man. Happy half birthday!

gpc said...

So sweet, I'm all teary, too! For sure a sweet child like Noah will turn into a sweet and loving man. What a gift (and credit) that is to you and Michael! And I agree - what a very special face!

Gumby said...

awww - how sweet is that?