Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am having secret morning liaisons!

I have a secret to share. I have been occasionally going on dates on some Monday mornings. They involve a walk on the beach first, and usually a nice meal in a good restaurant. Then home…

I do have to bring the twins along, but these mornings have still been very romantic!

Of course it doesn’t progress much beyond that because what follows is less about romance and more about cleaning house and babies throwing peas and carrots on the floor.

You see… my husband has to work on the occasional Sunday. And so, they allow him to take the following Monday off work. These dates have been with my husband, and the secret…? It is being kept from my four year old son who would be mortified if he knew we were going out as a family without him!

We treat it as a normal day. Give Noah breakfast and get him dressed, and then Daddy drives him to school (sometimes a little later than usual), but instead of continuing to work, he scurries home where I am packing diaper bags and strollers, snacks and bottles into the back of the van. And then we are off!

We have taken romantic walks along the beach, went hiking at Torrey Pines, and best of all, we have had lovely long lunches (sometimes even with sleeping babies!) at restaurants that don’t even HAVE a children’s menu! We have dined on sushi, feasted on all you can eat Indian/Pakistani buffets, eaten our hearts out!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love including Noah on our family outings… but its really hard to just have a conversation with Michael about anything without having to change the subject to jokes about poo-poo and explanations of why its not wise to throw sand at strangers. In fact we often spend 3 hours out and about with the family and find we haven’t even had a conversation with each other the whole time.

See, we are in that sweet spot, when Noah is off to school, and the babies haven’t quite learned to talk yet. So, while they do take a lot of maintenance, they don’t interrupt or require a children’s menu just yet.

So until that time… I am going to really enjoy these romantic Monday rendezvous!!

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