Friday, June 15, 2007

One Small Step

I had a proud Mama moment last night.

It might not be that monumental to a lot of folks, but it as for me. It was a mental leap for Ethan.

My twins have been learning a bit of sign language. We did that with Noah, and he picked it up so fast, and used it often. The twins have started using the signs for "more" and "all done" pretty commonly, but I have only recently been sure they knew what these signs meant.

I mean, for awhile, when I would ask, "Are you all done, or would you like some more?" They would both sign "More!". But if I phrased it, "Would you like some more, or are you all done?" they would furiously sign, "All Done!!". But lately they have been using them correctly. Ethan uses the more sign for "I want that!" as well.

But last night, I walked into the living room, and there was Ethan, looking up at me, and pointing to the front of his diaper over and over and saying "Diddy!" (which is his word for anything he doesn't have a name for), and then he did the sign for "more". And back and forth he went, pointing to his diaper, and signing "more".

I checked him, and sure enough, he had a newly dirtied diaper! And he wanted me to change it!

It was the first question he ever asked me in his small little life!


Snowbird said...

That's my boy!!! Way to go Ethan.

Wrath said...

We are ALL your boys.

(But I was the first.)

Karen C. said...

Yeah, you were the first. Maybe that's what made me want to have daughters so much!

(nyah-nyah nyah nyah-nyah!)

(((((((brother)))))) <-hugs

Snowbird said...

Yes, you are all my boys--and yes, you were the first. And your point is??? :-) (((((son)))) hugs