Friday, June 1, 2007

Life at Home

Oh.... not feeling particularly inspired to write, but thought I should get a few pictures of the kids up since it makes the grandmas happy!
I am still being frustrated by my digital camera. Being a computer, one must figure out how to set settings and all to get it to do what a quick turn of the dial does on a manual film camera. I'm fine with the point and shoot, but if I want to do anything creative, I have to look it up! So, I am starting to read the book that came along with it finally, but the dang thing is so COMPLEX one must always look up how to do most tricky things because its all too much to retain.

I haven't been taking too many pictures of Noah lately, since I am home with the babies days while Noah is at preschool. The twins have been really getting into peas lately, I swear the only vegetable they willingly eat. I can't wait until they get molars. When does that happen again??

Its funny, because every time I give them peas, one of them ends up with one in the exact middle of his forehead. I think my babies are secretly Hindi. Baby Hindi with a Bindi! Ethan's third eye is definitely green!

This last one is of Luka. He is turning into a wild man with hair to boot! I have always cut Noah's hair. His hair is straight and thick and easy to just trim right up. These guys, I don't know what to do with.
They have wisps and curls, and cowlicks and whorls! I don't know how to handle that! Ethan is still looking good, but Luka is getting a little unkempt. I cannot yet bring myself to trim up the back because I would chop off all those ringlets and be left with straight hair. And if I trim up the sides above his ears, then I leave him with a MULLET! So I leave him looking like the wild child that he is.

Notice the lovely babyproof-babygate fireplace screen? We keep saying we are gonna get one of those real shiney metal ones with glass doors!
On Monday, we take Noah into his new pediatrician for his kindergarten inoculations. Oh lordy, its been awhile since I had to take him in for shots. With the babies, they don't know what is about to happen, but with a four year old, they think you are completely betraying their trust that you will keep them safe.
And all along that is exactly what you are trying to do!

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Snowbird said...

This Grandma says thank you for all of your blogs and the pictures. I LOVE Luka's wild child hair. Don't cut it before I get to see him, please!! Also, love the Little Hindi Bindi.