Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Minutia? I got yer Minutia right HERE!

These are 14 white socks.
14 white socks with no partners.

Its laundry day.

Did I find the best matches and stick them together? Did I scoop them all up and throw them in the garbage?


My friend Jessica, who is a professional organizer, would be appalled. But I scooped them up and put them back in the drawer. (I DID tie them all together with the longest sock, Jessica!)

Maybe their missing partners would find their way home someday, and need someone to snuggle with in the sock drawer!

Besides, these are some of the only socks I have without holes in them...

They're still good!


Snowbird said...

Thanks for the laugh. Gee, that looks like your Dad's sock drawer!!

Hawker said...

I think the other socks are what we scrape of the lint filter in the dryer. That lint has to come from somewhere. That or they hid with all my lost guitar picks. They are both made from Nylon after all.

Karen said...

Ha ha ha... I think I may have to go into my lint wastebasket in the laundry room and knit some together.

That or go raid my dad's sock drawer again!

Hawker said...

Yes but I really want to know is with 4 boys how do you keep the socks so white?

Mine sure don't look that clean no matter what I do.

BTW perhaps you need a dog. Stuff a tennis ball in the odd sock and it makes the best dog toy. That is what happens to my odd socks.
Boo Dog approved.

Karen C. said...

On keeping the socks white? I use overexposure on my camera and photoshop for the stains!

On getting a dog, it would have to be a GIRL dog! Balance out the testosterone overload in this house!

Jessica Duquette said...

oh, thank heavens you tied them in a knot, I was starting to hyperventilate just reading about the socks!

no kidding, I think the other ones are with the pens and keys and remotes somewhere in a paralell (sp???) universe.

hey, you're amazing, I'm going to get myself addicted to craigslist free section, too!

I sure miss Rainbow round about this time of year. Remember all those hours and hours and hours of our life sitting on those stools at Info making up Rainbow names?

Wahhhhhhhh, it hurts to much to think about it.


Jessica who doesn't mind lone socks as long as they're tied together to keep them separated from the pairs. (and tupperware lids, too)

Hawker said...

So cheating with PhotoShop. I see.

As to the Rainbow names...

Ah yes, what were some of those. I thought we had a good one for SP at one point. I remember the pick a name from each box trick.

I'm trying to remember who you were. What was your Rainbow name. The face and name do not ring a bell (Jessica of course).

Leaving for the gathering in 4 days though. I promise to report back.

Amber Crystal Moonbeam Sunshine

Karen C. said...

Jessica is also known as Energie. Her daughter is Dakota.

Dakota was like 9 when she picked the most hysterical name out of the hat, (I can email that to you!) but all the laughing from the people in the booth scared her and made her cry!

Oh man... I am just trying to ignore the fact that I am not going AGAIN this year!

Jessica - we gotta get together and cry in our mochas.

Karen C. said...

I know you are a super organizer, but how do you tie tupperware lids together??

hee hee hee hee

Hawker said...

Wasn't that a name for SP, something like lies with sheep or some such?

Part 2. If they have that little lip like the old ones did you can clip the tab into a coat hanger and hang them up on a pot rack. Or you can be lazy like me and just toss them on top of the pot rack.