Friday, June 29, 2007

In My Dreams...

In the middle of the night:

Noah: Mommy! Mommy! Can you fix my blankets? They are all twisted.

Mama: Sure, Babe. Here ya go.

(back to my bed…)

Daddy: I was having the weirdest dream. I came home and there were these giant foam animals up on the roof. When I asked why, it turns out you were secretly running a puppet show on TV and you had just won an Emmy award for it. Someone showed me the footage of you making your acceptance speech up on the stage!

Mama: Wow. I was dreaming I was folding laundry.


Snowbird said...

Hee, Hee. That is just too funny. Boy, Daddy sure does have weird dreams!! And when do you find the time to have secret puppet shows?? I expect to see your Emmy when we get there. :-)

Rayne said...

This is just too funny!
What was Daddy eating before he went to bed?
Secret puppet shows? On the roof? I love it!

Carmen said...

Oh, that is so funny, and so much better than the dreams I have.